Vance Industries has a nearly 60 year history as one of the nation's leading manufacturers and distributors of Kitchen and Bath supplies. 
Vance is focused on Kitchen and Bath products that allow you to Protect it, Organize it, or Mount it.

More specifically, in our Mount-it line we have our Patented Sink Undermounter systems, the original seamless stainless steel sink frames, Vanseal sink clamps, mounting studs, clips, and brackets that allow the mounting of any type of device to the underside of solid surface or laminate counter tops.    By combining our sink frame technology with our 15x12 or 20x16 Tempered Glass Surface Saver® you can create a custom looking built-in food preparation center. Visit and select "Sink Mounting Systems"


In the Organize-it line, we have our Trim-fit™ and Perfect Fit™ Drawer Organizers in over 80 different sizes and shapes.  Since we are the manufacturer, we can make custom sizes and shapes for a Perfect-Fit™ to your drawers and cabinets.  The cabinet slide-out organization systems are easy to install, provide pull-out convenience and our Universal Trash bin slide-out gives you the ultimate in flexibility.

For the Protect it line we have cutting boards in Wood of all sizes and thicknesses, Tempered Glass Surface Saver® with numerous images imprinted on the backs as well as custom image capability, and Polyethylene including our Poly-over-sink adjustable board.  The Tempered glass boards with logo’s or other custom images are favorites for clubs, promotional premiums, and fundraisers.  Based on the tempered glass they work great as a trivet (tested to 500 degrees thermal shock) as well as a food preparation surface. 

Vance Industries is in the Manufacturing and distribution business.  Because of this we provide deep discounts off of list based on quantities purchased.  We have special OEM capabilities and pricing as well.

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