Cutting Boards and Trivets



Why Vance?

Vance takes great care in offering only the best cutting boards available today. Professional kitchen cutting boards are our specialty.  We provide cutting surfaces in every material: tempered glass, polyethylene, and hardwoods, including bamboo.  

One of our most popular products, the Built-in Surface Saver allows you to build a glass cutting board right into your countertop, providing a durable, heat-resistant surface.  Often used to repair damaged countertops, the Surface Saver can be installed into an existing surface or a new installation.

Our tempered glass cutting boards are available in many colors and patterns, including a Custom Design option, allowing you to display your own image as counter art. Corelle glass cutting boards are designed to coordinate with Corelle Dishware patterns.  All of our tempered glass cutting boards can be used alone or paired with a Surface Saver Frame.

Polyethylene cutting boards may be custom ordered in a size to to match your fabric cutting table. Crafters, quilters and sewers use our polyethylene plastic cutting boards to replace a worn out fabric cutting mat.  Our durable poly boards provide the very best fabric cutting surface for use with rotary knifes.  Each offers a self-healing, thick cutting surface and can stand up to the sharpest blades and knives.